Best Research Paper Award

BioLeagues acknowledges genuine ability by proffering awards such as the "Best Research Document Award" at all of our annual and biennial conferences and other events. We follow a meticulous conventional selection method that guarantees that only the most distinguished authors are acknowledged and rewarded for their enrichment to the fields of oncology and cancer research.

The whole selection method for the "Best Research Paper" is undertaken by the esteemed members of the International Advisory Council, the members of the organizing committee, the members of the Technical Committee and the prominent members of the Executive Committee.

All conference papers presented and finished within the deadlines for the recommendations of ............ are chosen for the contest and are judged to receive the "Best Research Document Award" on the basis of the following criteria -

  • Made meaningful augmentations to the theme/themes of the Oncology Australia 2020 conference;
  • Poses a very pertinent research inquiry for conference attendees;
  • Capacity to implement meticulous research and analysis techniques;
  • Capacity to present all conclusions, decisions, and notes in a lucid, compact and efficient way;
  • Capacity to carry out a thorough investigation of outcomes (including perspectives such as utilization, adaptability and/or research advancement);
  • Level of contribution to the development of the field of oncology & cancer research.

Also, scholars presenting their research outcomes must validate that at least 30% of their offering was their own and that they have enrolled to partake in Oncology Australia 2020!

Young Research Forum

It brings all of us at BioLeagues immense pleasure to welcome skilled budding researchers from colleges, institutes, and enterprises to present their brief oral presentation to Oncology Australia 2020! Those engrossed in presenting their research are encouraged to make full and compelling presentations. The best research papers will be pre-selected based on the depth of earlier research and future viewpoints.

Guidelines for Young Researchers Forum

All research presentations need to be performed orally.

Get specifications on career possibilities, access the most advanced tools and explore technologies in your field.

Obtain the freshest research data that will help you carry out your research more productively.

Find chances for collaboration with other compatible researchers.

Obtain college transfer opportunities with other budding researchers from around the globe.

Communicate and partake in groundbreaking ideas with leading researchers, specialists, oncologists, and other cancer research/diagnosis/treatment professionals.

Discover other domains of research to enhance your capabilities and your existing skill level.


All budding researchers, including graduate scholars, postdoctoral candidates, trainees, and junior staff members, can partake in this event at Oncology Australia 2020.

Your topic/area of interest should be relevant to the scientific sessions prescribed as part of the Oncology Australia 2020 conference.

Every participant is entitled to present a single report as either the first author or a co-author.

All participants need to be below 30 years of age.

Only submissions in English will be considered.

Awards & Rewards

Awards will be granted to the best three budding researchers at the conclusion of Oncology Australia 2020.


The recipient of the "Best Research Article" award at the highly anticipated Oncology Australia 2020 conference will earn a cash reward/paid registration expense.


Program Manager :Ms. Sindhu Chandrasekar

Email :

Mobile No : +91 - 8870914845 / +1 202 7548501