Scopes & Benefits

Oncology Australia 2020 which is a two-day event slated to take place on the 23rd and 24th of April in the stunning city of Sydney, Australia, will present the most advanced data on pivotal topics in oncology and cancer research that can be easily implemented to clinical applications for a variety of contexts.

Oncology Australia 2020 will draw together oncologists, pathologists, as well as others, to promote recognition of current advancements in cancer research and study, and to enhance multidisciplinary collaboration.

Leading authorities will address decisive topics in oncological screening for malignancies regularly encountered in clinical practice. Based on tumor-specific studies, clinical experts will assess clinical guidelines, examine new concepts and clinical research, and address impediments to optimizing practice. It will be a dynamic experience, allowing participants to engage with lectures and specialists as they share their insights and personal experiences about the clinical hurdles and ongoing disputes in the field of oncology and cancer research.

A diversity of formats will be applied to devise a stimulating educational setting, including state-of-the-art conferences, roundtables, multi-disciplinary tumor panels, and interactive debates.